How to Navigate to the Users Page

  1. Hover over the Manage tab near the top of the page and click Users when the drop-down appears.


How To Add a New User

  1. click the Invite User(s) button.

  2. Paste the email(s) in the large text field and select the user's desired role. Click submit when done.
    Note: The administrator role should only be given to individuals who have been authorized to edit, delete & create data in your BuiltSpace Org.

How To Delete a User

  1. Select the All Roles tab.

  2. Find the user and select the entry by clicking on it. Click Delete Selected Role.
    Note: Users may have more than 1 role. If you want to remove a user entirely, you may have to perform this step on 2 entries (see picture below for example).

How To Manage Pending Invites

  1. Click the Pending Invites tab.

  2. You can find and select the invitation by clicking on the desired row. To cancel or resend an invitation, click on one of the two available buttons.