Asset Groups allow you to group your Assets based on custom criteria.  They are a way of creating new filters for your data, and can be helpful for running reports on a specific list of Assets.

Note: It is possible for an Asset to belong to multiple Asset Groups.

How to access the Asset Groups page

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There are 2 ways of accessing the Asset Groups page.

via Org Site:

  1. From your Homepage, click the Asset Groups button.

From any Page:

  1. Hover over the Manage tab.  Click Asset Groups.

How to create an Asset Group

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  1. Click Add New Asset Group.

  2. Input the following information:

    1. Enter a Name for your Asset Group.
      This is the only required field.  If you only enter a Name, the Asset Group will include all Assets from all Buildings in your entire Org Site portfolio.
    2. Select a Building Group.
      If you specify a Building Group, the Asset Group you are creating will include all Assets from only that Building Group.  For information on how to use Building Groups, click here.
    3. Select a Building.
      With this you can further narrow down the Asset Group you are creating.  If you would like to create an Asset Group with a fixed number of Assets, you must select a Building.  A box of Assets will appear on your screen.  The assets in the left box are all of the assets in the selected Building.  The assets in the right box are the assets that you've hand-picked for this Asset Group.  Using the arrow buttons, add or remove assets to and from your Asset Group.
      Note: An Asset Group will no longer self-update with new Assets once you have manually added specific Assets.
    4. Select an Asset Category.
      If you don't manually select your assets for your Asset Group, your group will automatically update itself to include any newly created Asset(s) that are added to your portfolio.
      Note: If you've specified an Asset Category, you can also select an Asset Sub Category.
  3. Click Save when done.

How to Edit an Asset Group

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This section contains instructions on adding/removing Assets from an Asset Group and on editing other features of an Asset Group.

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the Asset Group you wish to modify.

  2. Make your changes once the Edit Asset Group box pops up.

  3. Click Save when done.