This tutorial will guide you through the process of completing work that has not been dispatched to you in the BuiltSpace Inspections App.

Click here to view a flowchart covering how to complete a job through the Inspections App or take the following steps:

1Open the BuiltSpace Inspections App on your mobile device and sign in.

2Click Explore.

Note: If you work in multiple BuiltSpace Organizations, select the correct organization from the Org drop-down menu.

Select the Building from the drop-down menu.

Click Start Visit.

Select an Asset Group and enter a Job Number.

Note: Choose All Assets if unknown and leave job number field blank unless instructed otherwise.

Select an Asset and the correct Checklist.

Answer all of the Questions.

Optional (If enabled by office):
Enter Hours: If tracking hours is required.
Enter Materials: If any tools/materials have been used.

Click Submit.

Repeat step 5 and 6 for all the assets in the asset drop down menu.