This tutorial will guide you through the process of completing work that has been dispatched to you in the BuiltSpace Inspections App. Please note that this feature only works if your device is online.

Click here to view a flowchart covering how to complete a job through the Inspections App. If you prefer written instructions, they are included below.

  1. Open the BuiltSpace Inspections App on your mobile device and sign in.

  2. From the homepage, click My Jobs. (Note: If you work in multiple BuiltSpace Orgs, make sure you have selected the correct one from the Org drop-down.)

  3. Your Jobs are organized by week, with the current week selected as default. To change week, click on the week that you would like to view.
    Note: You can also filter your list of jobs by date range and job status. After you've selected a date range and/or job status, click Search to apply the filter.

  4. Once you have found the job you would like to complete, click Start Visit.

  5. Select the Asset you would like to Inspect, as well as the correct Checklist.

  6. Answer all of the Questions
    Optional, only if enabled by office: If you have used any tools/materials, record them under the Enter Materials Question. If you are required to keep track of your hours, record them under the Enter Hours Question.

  7. Click Submit. Repeat this step for every Asset included in the Job.

  8. To change the status of a job, click the pencil icon. The available options are Open, In Progress, Waiting and Completed. Once you have completed a Job, set the status to the appropriate value.

  9. To input hours for a job, click My Hours and enter your hours through the BuiltSpace TimeSheet.

  10. To view the results of Inspections performed in a job, click View Report. This will bring you to a web-page view of the Inspection(s) completed in this job. To send the report via email, click Send as PDF (a new window will appear)..Fill out  the required fields and click Send Email.