This tutorial will guide you through the process of completing work that has been dispatched to you in the BuiltSpace Inspections App.

Note: This feature only works if your device is online.

Click here to view a flowchart covering how to complete a job through the Inspections App or take the following steps:

Open the BuiltSpace Inspections App on your mobile device and sign in.

Click My Schedule.

Note: If you work in multiple BuiltSpace Organizations, select the correct organization from the Org drop-down menu.

All the assigned jobs are listed under My Schedule.

Note: List of jobs can be filtered by date range and job status. Click the filter icon to open the Filter Page. Click Apply.

Find the job that needs to be completed.

Click Start Visit.

Select an Asset.

Select the corresponding Procedure/Checklist.

Answer all of the Questions.

Optional (If enabled by office):
Enter Hours: If tracking hours is required.
Enter Materials: If any tools/materials have been used.

Click Submit.

Note: You will be redirected to the My Schedule page after submission

To change the status of a job:

Click on the pencil icon.

Available options: Open, In Progress, Waiting, Completed

To input hours for a job:

Click on My Hours.

10To view the results of Inspections performed:

Click on View Report.

Note: Option to Send as PDF via email or BuiltSpace