Click here to view a flowchart on scheduling Preventative Maintenance. If you prefer text instructions, refer to the steps below.

There are 2 steps to scheduling Preventative Maintenance.


Part 1: Creating a PM schedule

Part 2 : Dispatching a PM Job

Part 1 - Creating the PM Schedule

  1. Hover over the Service/PM tab near the top of the page and click PM Schedules when the drop-down appears.

  2. Click + Add new item.

  3.  You should now see the PM Calendar - New Item window.  Enter the necessary information (Title, Building, Asset Group, Start Time and End Time). 
    Optional: Assigning a Work Category to a PM Event means the BuiltSpace App will intelligently select the appropriate Procedure/Checklist for the Job.  To find out how Work Categories can be used to define seasonal Procedures/Checklists, read the support article on Work Categories.

  4. Click Save when done.

Part 2 - Dispatching a PM Job

  1. From anywhere, hover over Service/PM and click Dispatch.
  2. Click Upcoming (bottom-right).

  3. Find the PM Job you would like to dispatch and click (+). This will open up the Service Plan form.
  4. Make sure you have navigated to the Location, Job Details & Scheduling tab.
  5.  Scroll to the bottom of the form. Navigate to the Schedule to Technician(s) tab.

    Enter a Start Time, End Time and select at least 1 Technician. If you would like to add Technicians to the Job, click Insert Event.
  6. Once you are done, click Dispatch
    In order to complete the dispatched PM Job, the Technician to whom it was dispatched must log into the mobile BuiltSpace Inspections App. The following instructions cover how to complete work in the Inspections App: