Note: It is recommended that you create and edit Procedures only with your desktop computer as it is more convenient. You will use these Procedures when inspecting Assets using the BuiltSpace app.

Procedures must be created prior to Questions.

Go to Manage > Procedures
or click Procedures on the dashboard.

Click New.

Enter Title of the procedure.
Select an Answer format.
Select an Asset Category.
Note: This ensures that the procedure is only associated with the asset category specified. 
Select a Work Category. 
Note: This determines the default procedure. For more information, click here.

Extra information for technicians (Optional):

Add Hours

Add Materials

Add issues

Click Create.

Click "+" to add questions.

Click New Question.

Enter Number. (It is recommended to start from 01)
Enter Question/Instruction.
Enter any additional information in Remarks.
Check the box for Measurement if required.
Enter Measurement Label. (e.g. Temperature )
Enter Measurement Unit (e.g.°C  )
Select an Answer format.
Note: This will override the default procedure format selected in step 3.

Click Create.

Note: If you wish to upload a large number of questions, we would be more than happy to be of assistance.  You can download our Procedure/Question Data Import template by clicking here or on the attachment link at the bottom of the page.  Make sure you click on the Questions tab on the bottom of the Excel page to view the right sheet.  After you have filled it out, save the file and and email it to