Note: It is recommended that you create and edit Checklists only with your desktop computer as it is more convenient. You will use these checklists when inspecting assets using the BuiltSpace app.

Please select your desired option.  If you haven't created a checklist yet, you must do so before creating questions.

Creating a Checklist

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  1. Hover over the Manage tab and click Checklists. (Note: It may be found under "Checklist Builder" under the "Apps" tab)

  2. Click Add new item under Checklists to create a new checklist.

  3. Enter a Title.

  4. Select an Asset Category from the drop-down menu. This will ensure that the technician only gets this checklist in the BuiltSpace app when performing an inspection on a specific asset.
    For example: When creating a checklist for a Makeup Air Unit, categorizing it correctly will show only this checklist when the technician is standing in front of a Makeup Air Unit.

  5. Select a button Format.  This determines which buttons the tech will see by default for this entire checklist.
    Note: Each individual question can be customized to override this default button format.  You can set this when creating a "Question" (see section below).

  6. Check the box for Allow Issues to give the technician the ability to add and specify further issues when performing an inspection.

  7. Select Yes for Add Hours and Add Materials if you want to give the technician the ability to record hours spent on the job and materials used.

  8. Click Save.

Creating a Question

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Note: If you wish to upload a large number of questions, we would be more than happy to be of assistance.  You can download our Checklist/Question Data Import template by clicking here or on the attachment link at the bottom of the page.  Make sure you click on the Questions tab on the bottom of the Excel page to view the right sheet.  After you have filled it out, save the file and and email it to

  1. Click Add new item under Questions/Instructions.

  2. Select a Checklist.

  3. Enter a Question/Instruction.

  4. Enter the question number starting from 01.

  5. Check off the Measurement Required box if you wish to have measurements, such as temperature, recorded.

    1. Enter a Measurement Label.  For example: Temperature
    2. Enter a Measurement Unit.  For example: °C
  6. Enter any additional information in the Remarks field.  This can be used to further instruct the technician on how to complete this step in the inspection.

  7. Select a button Format for the question.  This will override the default button format set for this particular Checklist (see section above).

  8. Click Save when done.