There are 2 ways of adding/creating new assets:

Note: If you would like to upload multiple Assets at once, the only way to do so is from your Desktop. Instructions on adding multiple Assets can be found here.

Desktop: Adding multiple Assets (using Excel as a method of organizing your data)

In order to add multiple assets at a time, you first need to format the asset information using Microsoft Excel or any other authoring tool that can organize tabular data. You can also skip to step 6 and input your data directly into the Assets form.

Download the latest Asset Import Template here.

Open the downloaded Asset Import Template from the link above.

Organize all the asset's information according to the column names in Excel. All of the columns with a red asterisk are required

Asset Name
Suggested format: Asset XX, where "XX" indicates a sequential number of that unit type e.g. RTU 01, RTU 02.

Should be unique to each asset.


Defaults to 1 unless specified. 

Physical Location (Floor - Space)

Note: Floor and space is separated by a hyphen and must be formatted this way. 
E.g. "1st Floor - Mech Room" , "01 - Mech Room"

Asset Category

Use the Excel template for proper formatting and spelling. 

Note: You do not need to use the drop-down menu for uploading multiple assets.

Once all the asset's information is organized, go to the BuiltSpace website.

Click Assets.

Click Add Asset(s).

Copy & Paste entire asset information (excluding column headings) from the Excel template to the BuiltSpace Add Asset Dialog window.

Click Submit.

BuiltSpace App

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Note: Download the BuiltSpace ("Inspections") App from Google Play Store (Android users) or AppStore (iOS users).

Note 2: Use this method when adding an asset and performing an inspection on the asset.

Open the BuiltSpace App on your mobile device and sign in.

Click Explore.

Note: If you work in multiple BuiltSpace Organizations, select the correct organization from the Org drop-down menu.

Select a Building and click Browse.

Select (New Asset) from the Asset drop-down menu.

Enter the necessary information for the new Asset.

Name, Category, Description, and Space are required fields.

Note: If you cannot find the Space the Asset is in, click the Add Space button

Select a Procedure and complete all the Questions.

Click Submit. The Asset will be added into BuiltSpace along with the submitted inspection.