Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with a data connection and a camera are able to scan QR Codes to gain access to asset level service history details.

Scanning a QR Code to look-up information about an Asset:

Simply open the app, tap on Lookup QR and scan the asset's QR Code (as shown in the screenshot below). 

Assigning a new QR code to an Asset:

  1. Select the Building where your asset resides and click the Add Inspection button.

  2. Then press the Scan QR button and scan your unassigned QR Code.

  3. Once you have scanned the QR Code, you will see a green message appear asking you what Asset you would like to assign the QR Code to.  Simply select the correct Asset from the drop-down or create a brand new one if it doesn't exist yet.
  4. Complete any checklist and press Submit to finish assigning the QR Code to the Asset.