You must connect customers and contacts to the building in order for all 3 to be connected correctly.

  1. Hover over the Browse tab near the top of the page and click Buildings when the drop-down appears.

  2. Click the Edit icon under the Edit column for the building in question.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up that appears.
    Connecting Contacts:

  4. The contacts created (but not yet connected to the building) will appear in a window on the left side of Add > (see instructional GIF below). 

  5. To connect one or more contacts from a building, select a name in the left box and click Add >.  The name will appear in the right box when it is connected. 

  6. To remove one or more contact from a building, select a name in the right box and click < Remove.  The name will appear in the left box when it is not connected.
    Connecting Customers:

  7. Select a customer from the Customer drop-down menu to connect it to the building.

  8. Click Save when done.

When creating a work order, your customers and contacts will be automatically populated based on the building you have selected. This will reduce the number of steps your dispatcher goes through.